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What is Web Directory? 

A table of contents or Web Directory isa collection of links for different websites into categories. Categories can also be divided into subcategories. Each group has a topic and related content for easy searching, such as education categories, which can be broken down into schools, tutoring institutions, school Study abroad, etc.

For adding listings to the table of contents, there is either a free website or a vip website charge, depending on the policy of each provider, which can check the conditions before registering.

Benefits of Web Directory.

  • Nowadays, internet users are searching for websites through a table of contents and are mostly turning to search engines. But the table of contents of the website still plays a role. It is a space that promotes information to the website and also a place to add links backto the website (Backlink).
  • Quality and specialized website table of contents contributes to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that puts your site’s content first in search engines like  Google.
  • Today’s table of contents is not only a collection of links to websites, but also a more versatile functionality. Whether it’s a search system, a map pinning system. Add pictures and related content information Add-on system

Search engines pull data from these sites and display them under your web address for local search results. Your business will already be in some of those online directories. But is the display accurate?

To be clear, Try searching the web using your company name and location and see where it’s displayed. Equally important is knowing where you don’t appear and what to do. One quick way is to find competitors in your area. You want to make sure you’re on every website and app your competitors are in.

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