Online Marketing Usage Statistics for the past 2020

Online Marketing Usage Statistics for the past 2020

Overall, the online media usage of the world’s population is as good as it may be. Data from Last July showed that in the same period as 2019, internet users increased by +346 million to +8.2%, with mobile phone access to online media exclusively at+2.4%.

Of course, “videos” still dominate the number one spot, with 90% of the numbers, while vlog videos are followed by 52%.   As we’ve been likely to start seeing the trend for a while, Streaming has overtaken all content formats because of its wide range of content. You can watch and listen anytime, anywhere, and you can cancel the service at any time if you no longer want to use the service. 37% of internet users watch shows or movies through streaming services or music streaming, which is a remarkable growth.

Online Marketing Usage Statistics for the past 2020

What do these numbers tell you? Of course, we wouldn’t recommend investing in a platform or writing a new application to compete with these people (but if that’s your business goal, we’d love to pass this article: these online marketplace usage statistics figures. It can reinforce to you the “importance” of the online world that nowadays, if you haven’t moved online, you’ll become a forgotten legend in the near future.

Trends Overview Digital Marketing in 2020

If it were for the platform, we wouldn’t be able to talk about him. TikTok has become an entertainment platform that has been around for a while (to date, its popularity has not diminished), especially during the covid-19 pandemic in Thailand, which has led us to lockdown  from celebs, celebrities to the general public, turning to TikTok dozens of times and creating countless new influencers.

In terms of business, Facebook is still at number one, but its next competitor is Instagram (whose owner is Facebook) that is now available for features.  Shoppable in Thailand already, and the platform looks more supportive of shopping. See the Shop button that replaces the Notifications button, which scrolls to the top instead.

In addition, Twitter in our homes seems to be getting a lot spicier because it’s like a real-time trend announcement area, whether it’s the situation of the city or any other issue that’s become a trend.  With Twitter together, businesses are increasingly focusing on Twitter.

Forecast Trends Digital Marketing 2021 – Make social media

  1. The use of music is still popular.

In fact, using music to promote brands. The products and services seem to have been trending for a while, but instead of the current, When I found it, I found it Music Marketing is still an old trend that has been picked up, but it may need to be added to creativity and entertainment.

Because if we look at the most popular platforms like TikTok,  music is used to entertain them. The way is that if you don’t rewrit the lyrics, you’ll often use the popular melodies that are currently being used to change the lyrics to relate to their products or services instead.


  1. Parody that improves awareness

We should have seen a lot of caricature forwards through sending memes, which we might view as just a joke. But did you know that just by passing it on, you’re publicized, like when the iPhone 11  Pro came out, people mocked the latter camera and passed it on, but in the end, the iPhone sold well as a pour of water, or other memes that mocked many other brands. That’s why brands are turning to this kind of content themselves. It’s called biting yourself before it hurts less.


  1. Partner with experts

It’s an era of collaboration between brands and real “experts.” But entering 2021, in addition to the famous ones, there are plenty of influencers in the world. Their specialty is another important thing that brands are interested in because it adds enormous credibility to your products because they are thought through inspiration, as well as through the hands of practical “experts.”