New techniques that SEO people and developers should focus on

The first priority, which we’ve always reiterated, is the “quality of content”, with elements you need to pay special attention to called E-A-T Checklist.

  • E = Expertise, expertise in writing
  • A = Authoritativeness owns the article or its contents (not copied from other sources).
  • T = Trustworthiness Content Reliability

The next thing that can’t be overlooked is the BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformer),  a Google (AI) algorithm,  where Google can understand synonyms, natural language withoutneeding to be a specific search term (ExactMatch), so content-making people can use a more literal and natural language as well as increase their efficiency.  SEO the other way around, too.

The last thing is Core Web Vitals, which consists of three things:

  1. Largest Contentful Paint (Loading)

The speed at which content is downloaded on a website (text, images, videos, etc.) is calculated from the largest file on the page, where the score is considered to be good, not exceeding 2.5 seconds.

  1. First Input Delay (Interactivity)

The duration of responses between different sets of instructions and website users, such as filling out forms and clicking buttons. A good score must not exceed 0.1 seconds.

  1. Cumulative Layout Shift or CLS (Visual Stability)

Stability rating for website layout, such as form layout, buttons on whether the website scrolling time is twitchy or stationary. A good CLS value should not exceed 0.1 – 0.25 seconds.

Facebook Marketing Guidelines

With influencer age so important, we need to know how to make  Branded Content a tool to help market through  Facebook is more efficient. When  influencers can produce quality and transparent content through social media channels such as their Facebook Pages and brands, they can be used as ads to deliver to targeted customers.

Facebook defines the term’Branded Content’ as “anypost that offers content about products or services sponsored by a brand or media company(Sponsored) is content posted by a well-known person, such as Blogger or  Influencer.”

Branded Content is ideal for new brands that want to build brand awareness. BrandAwareness, a brand that has recently started to market online, as well as brands that want to offer new products to customers.

If a brand chooses an influencer with an audience-specific subscriber base, it will increase opportunities even further. As a result,  branded content has become popular overseas and many major brands in Thailand have already started to turn to it. It’s another 2021 online marketing trend that if you have the chance, you should try it once.

Google ad

According to statistics, people will have about 20% more ideas to find what they want with newkeywords per year, and behaviours that use shorter search terms every year, so exact match or specific search terms don’t have to be as specific as they used to be. In Google advertising

Therefore, it is very important to regularly monitor Search Terms and Negative Keywords.   SEM must not be ignored because that may help transform your marketing campaigns to the maximum efficiency.

Social Media Marketing Guidelines

Studying the different forms ofcontent types  for social media is a priority for marketers because nowadays content making has almost no rules left due to technology and knowing how to turn content over to media. Understanding what each type of content format has is a weakness will help you create more efficient performance.

In addition to the types of content to understand, you can also use the < Planning content into categories Each must have a clear objective for promoting the brand. Different items or services, such as:

  • Branding = Brand awareness (Awareness)
  • Lifestyle/Education = Convince people to make adecision ( Consideration)
  • Product/Promotion = Bring people into customers (conversions)

Another thing that in 2021 you should aim for is the “quality” of the content you offer not only to do it, but at the same time to keep track of whether the content is of standard or higher quality. Whether it’s photography, video editing, presentation view, writing language in captivity. All of this can’t be done well if you lack knowledge of Content Types.

Of course, in addition to building brand awareness, you should take into account the buying channels that interested customers can click on to purchase. It can be a link in a captive to send to various E-Commerce platform pages, or it can be linked to other contact channels such as LINE, Inbox Messenger, etc. to help increase opportunities.