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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd. (TSMC) is the foundry company with the largest market share in the world.

TSMC is the most important parts manufacturer of almost every Megatrend including Smart Phone, Big Data, AI and IoT. TSMC is the largest company on the Taiwan stock market. It has a market capital value of $182 billion. Revenue in 2016 reached Baht 29,415 million and profit of Baht 10,317 million. Net profit margin up […]

New techniques that SEO people and developers should focus on

The first priority, which we’ve always reiterated, is the “quality of content”, with elements you need to pay special attention to called E-A-T Checklist. E = Expertise, expertise in writing A = Authoritativeness owns the article or its contents (not copied from other sources). T = Trustworthiness Content Reliability The next thing that can’t be […]

What impact has COVID-19 had on trends?  How does Digital Marketing work?

It is well known that every Businesses are very affected in this situation because “cash flow” is the most important thing to sustain. People are collecting more money. Start spending significantly less on unnecessary items. Therefore, businesses that sell non-Factor 4 products or services are also twice as affected. As a result, countless businesses have […]