2021 Marketing Trends in Helping Sell Online

2021 Marketing Trends in Helping Sell Online

It is undeniable that online sales in 2021 have been so strong that they have previously been traded online. As a result, merchants are overwhelmingly diverted to business online.

The right content for people who like it

Content making is a marketing strategy that has been going on for some time, and it’s important that even Bill Gates. The founder of  Microsoft also said that “Contentis King” or “Content is king” has caused a lot of marketing. As a result, businesses are producing content that is relentlessly competitive and has made a leap forward in the online world, especially online sales. This makes it easier and faster for people to access content.

Having only good content won’t be enough. Must be in the right context. As the saying stands alongside the king,”Context is Queen” or “Queen is the context” that stands alongside the king.

  • Analyze first what format the exported content will look like, in articles, images, videos, or infographics.
  • What are those content for? Made to make Customer Journey more impressive Do it for  SEO, etc.
  • Who gets those content, who will be the target audience, regular customers, regular readers, future customers, etc.
  • In addition, it is important to take into account the channels of those contexts, that is, what kind of communication channels to send. If you do it on Instagram,  it might focus on photos or videos. On Facebook,  you may also write posts with photos or videos.

2021 Marketing Trends in Helping Sell Online


In 2021, Interactive Content is interesting because of the behaviour of users of online platforms who are more courage to express themselves.

Online businesses can easily use these situations to encourage people to be interested in products or services by creating content that invites viewers to participate, such as inviting customers to comment, to win prizes, or to make content through other channels such as:

  • Voting on Facebook – Let customers choose which products to sell in the future.
  • Line Official Account Submission – Customer Satisfaction Inquiry
  • Using Instagram Stories – Let people vote for festive discounts

Merchants who sell online will receive a variety of comments, may find useful recommendations that can be used to improve the store, achieve engagement, and get more sales.

Easy to shop, sell fluently in one post

It is believed that many people who play social media, whether they are merchants or online shoppers, have seen or traded        products through Shoppable Post  that have been paving social commerce for about 1-2 years and are intriguing in 2021.


Advertising and Advanced Optimization

Marketing is always paired with ads. In online sales in 2021, the market trends facing online ad purchases are increasing, and today online advertising tools are more accessible. It doesn’t have to be done through an advertising agency like before. for example

  • Facebook Ads, a popular ad channel, offers a wide range of ad objectives, from creating  Awareness to adding conversion  rates to your store.
  • Instagram Ads, which can quickly buy ads through  instagram apps or through Facebook Ads Manager, allows viewers who like to view product photos to become customers.
  • LINE Official Account is popularly used by merchants as a tool to talk to customers. You can now buy ads to promote your account to gain more followers, such  as Gain Friends Ads.
  • Twitter Ads can be a penetration of adolescent and early-age customers, with ads on Twitter selecting a variety of objectives, but they require a budget in USD, depending on the convenience of the merchant.
  • Google Ads offers products and services to people who search for keywords related  to your business. It also offers a variety of ad formats and can be used on YouTube.

Of course, the fact that people can buy ads is both positive and negative, because anyone can do it, increasing their business competitors. To make a merchant’s business win over other competitors is to keep improving your ad campaigns. Whether it’s  making content that’s right for customers, studyingthe bidding strategy of each platform, it’s called who has more information. The more in-depth advertising studies you have, the more likely you are to save costs.


All of the above. Every merchant can see that online marketing trends are very popular. It’s getting more complicated and competitive. Whether it’s content that’s improved compared to previous years. Functions and features of the trading platform make trading products easy for sellers and buyers. Advertising is many times easier to access.