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Buy-sell median website, large resources to collect buyer information – Sellers, Products and Services It allows buyers – sellers to contact, sell, exchange information about goods and services, which is considered a way to contact – sell new forms that modify the commercial process and respond. To changing consumer behavior. As a result, marketing activities in the purchasing process – sell, convenience, speed and efficiency, as well as responding to consumer behavior nowadays by offering products and services online by using the E-Marketplace website as a marketing tool, have many positive effects on both buyers and sellers. You can:

Business Directory is?  

The business table of contents is divided into categories and categories so you can easily and easily find or browse the products or companies you want. It’s divided into categories and categories (Web Directory) so you can easily and easily find or browse the products or companies you want.

Business Advantages

  • Reduce costs and purchasing process time.
  • Systematic control over purchasing process Be efficient Convenient and fast.
  • Create business opportunities Find a wide range of sellers.
  • Compare product and service information, even company information, to get the products and services that meet your needs the most.
  • You can post a purchase so that the seller can contact the seller to offer the sale.

Disadvantages to business

  • Reduce the time it takes to bring products to market. Promote a single source of products spread around the world.
  • Reduce the cost of advertising products and services.
  • Reduce restrictions on business elements such as store spaces, salespeople, etc.
  • Reduce sales presentation costs.
  • The support system makes selling goods and services easy.
  • Create 24/7 commercial opportunities.
  • Buyers have access to product and service information all over the world.

Networked Online Business Ethics

 “Networked online business” is a business that must be recognized as having a good management structure and a business that generates additional income. Create a lot of jobs for people, but wondering? Why aren’t many successful people in the network business, or when they’re successful, they don’t last long? Some have traveled abroad. There was a stationary car, but later it gave up that type of business. Many people, when they quit the network business, are also biased, have negative images with them, most network businesses have regulations, also known as “ethics”, that simply prohibit stocking, do not issue application fees to their team, sell cash only. Using the American-shared system, the cost of traveling to seminars must be divided into expenses and, importantly, do not take over the network or the team itself.

When we sound like a good systemic arrangement, but in practice, the regulations, prohibitions known as ethics, are all misused. Some even borrow money to invest in their own network of online business management. When unsuccessful or business fails Other problems will follow, especially family problems. People who are thinking about running a networking business. Unless you need to study your marketing plan, you can also use the Another important thing is to have a code of conduct that will allow you to experience true networking success and success in the online business.